Christian piano arrangements, solos, preludes, postludes

Just want to leave a note here that the piano prelude (music played before the commencement of the service) played every week at the Life Church and Missions is available now from our church website. You can download the music from the website here. These are Christian piano arrangements/solo/preludes/postludes of hymns, praise and worship songs.

I will try my best to record the music every week unless it is impossible for recording to take place in undetermined circumstances. It is my hope that the music will help you in your daily quiet time and quiet moments where you can meditate on God’s Word.

I am open to suggestions and requests for any particular hymn you would like me to play or a hymn that you think is appropriate for any upcoming messages for the pulpit.


5 thoughts on “Christian piano arrangements, solos, preludes, postludes

  1. Some suggestions

    1) Recently, I have been trying to find more Chinese traditional hymns that has “sing-able” lyrics. I would like to introduce traditional hymns to sing before pastor takes over the pulpit, but am thinking how to do so. Some traditional hymns can make it to be sung during singspiration, but some just cannot make it. Yet, they carry very blessed lyrics that can just lift us up from our gloom before the pastor takes over. Singing English traditional hymns is not a problem, but most, even good hymns that are translated to Chinese are very “choppy” to sing or hymnal tunes that are a bit too much of a classical music composition. If you can play those piano prelude where the Chinese translation flows well, it will be very useful. I could imagine why many Chinese churches do not want to sing Chinese traditional hymns because of this. There are a few examples of good Chinese translation though. Let me list some so that you may understand what I say. Some translations may not be as close to the original English meaning, but at least they sing well.

    (1) How Great Thou Art 你真伟大
    (2) Amazing Grace 奇异恩典
    (3) Under His Wings 主翅膀下

    2) Play something we can sing along with. If what you play is a bridge that mixes 2 hymns together, e.g. one traditional with one contemporary hymn, can they be sung? But I am thinking that a bridge may also help in making Singspiration not only more interesting, but also meaningful with the traditional lyrics that comes into being sung.

    3) Perhaps you would like to compose your own piano score for the traditional hymn that perhaps no one has composed before. Maybe make it once a month or two months once.

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